At some point in our lives, we’ve all been guilty of searching in the branches when actually we should be looking among the roots. At Zen Den Garden Studios this principle runs to the very core of our company. It is our passion to go deeper and produce the highest quality of product, with the lowest environmental impact as possible.


Coming from a construction and engineering background, it always troubled me to think about the impact that my projects were having on the environment, this could always be easily offset by the benefit, reward and satisfaction recognised by the end user or my client. With Zen Den Garden Studios, we had the opportunity to design and develop a product where we can still celebrate that same benefit with the end user, whilst using the resources that are already readily available without impacting our environment.


I firmly believe that a comfortably space away from distractions is the only way to truly realise the benefits of hybrid and remote working or a yoga practice or for whatever you want to use one of our Zen Den Garden Studios for. It is our purpose to help you to achieve this from a garden room made entirely from sustainable and recycled materials, helping to reduce congestion and pollution on our roads, reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact on the world.


Ross Girdler, Director