Overall External Dimensions:3.50m x 4.50m
External Width:3.75m
External Depth:3.00m
Front Decking Dimensions4.50m x 0.50m
Side Decking (Right) Dimensions:3.00m x 0.50m
Side Decking (Left) Dimensions:3.00m x 0.25m
Internal Width:3.35m
Internal Depth:2.62m
Internal Area:8.78m2
Overall Wall Thickness:200mm
  • Summary
With our agility den we understand the importance of a multifunctional garden studio that can be used as a garden office, yoga studio or gym. Working from home has become the new normal for many working professionals and can be a challenging transition for those used to commuting to a dedicated office space. Our Agility will serve as a full-time office, capable to accommodate two of you working from home, taking calls and conducting regular meetings. Alternatively, you could really utilise the benefits the multifunctional aspects your Agility den by doubling up as a morning workout space or yoga studio.