stop digging

Where is the best to start if not from the foundations?

Ground screws are perfect for garden rooms.

It is quick to set out a stable foundation with the use of helical screws.

There is no curing time, which means that the foundation can be used to build on immediately.

Our ground screws from Stop Digging are outright superior to traditional concrete foundations, far less Co2, less mess, less wastage and can be installed almost anywhere.

We are an accredited partner with Stop Digging, we install screws for not only our Zen Dens but fences, decking, car ports and most other timber frame structures.

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ground screw square



As we see great merit in using what has already been manufactured.

SupaSoft is a sustainable and manufactured here in the UK, manufactured by recycling plastic bottles.

Did you know that it takes an average of 5,000 plastic bottles to insulate a Zen Den?

That’s 5,000 plastic bottles that would otherwise have been incinerated, dropped as litter or buried in landfill.

In addition, SupaSoft offers a long-term solution to deal with the legacy of waste plastic, most of which comes from single-use applications.

 The thermal performance of SupaSoft is about 10% better than conventional fibreglass roll.  In addition, SupaSoft has a density of 13 kg/m3.

Cladding and Decking


We didn’t stop with the insulation.

We also use an engineered composite material made from recycled wood and plastic.

For our decking and cladding we use materials supplied from Envirobuild.

Our decking and cladding are made from 100% recycled content, manufactured using up to 100% renewable energy, designed to outlast traditional building materials.

We see Envirobuild as a strategic partner in helping us with our mission towards low impact garden rooms.


Avon Trust Replanting Scheme

Forest of Avon Trust

We have joined the Bristol Replant Scheme

with many other businesses to the Avon Trust

 to help deliver the Mayor’s ambition 

to double tree canopy cover by 2046.