Overall External Dimensions:4.00m x 6.00m
External Width:5.25m
External Depth: (Office):2.80m
External Depth: (Workshop)3.75m
Front Decking Dimensions3.85m x 1.20m + 2.15m x 0.25m
Side Decking (Right) Dimensions:2.80m x 0.50m
Side Decking (Left) Dimensions:3.75m x 0.25m
Internal Width (Office):3.15m
Internal Depth (Office):2.42m
Internal Area (Office):7.62m2
Internal Width (Workshop):1.50m
Internal Depth (Workshop):3.35m
Internal Area (Workshop):5.02m2
  • Summary
Our Vitality Den is our flagship Den comprising of a multifunctional studio space complete with a separate workshop/storage facility. Stylish, versatile, adaptable and functional our Vitality Den is the perfect solution to meet a range of requirements. We have often been asked to include a storage facility when designing our Zen Den’s, as often the Zen Den replaces the garden shed at the bottom of the garden which is usual used as a home DIY workstation or a place to store gardening equipment or bikes and camping equipment. Our Vitality Den is versatile, adaptable, stylish and functional.